Who am I ?

Daniel is a xx years old C/C++ programmer who is happily married and has two bright kids.

He has worked with software development for Windows, Linux, Unix, embedded systems, smart cards, fiscal printers, telecom, point of sale devices and likes the odds of handling binary buffers and parsing byte arrays while handling various types of protocols.

He mostly used C and C++ but some Assembly.

He likes old Pascal a lot. 

(Not better than C or C++ of course and frankly he does not remember much of Pascal too but he still remembers liking it a lot)

He is a comics and science fiction reader and avid film watcher, loves bass playing - despite not being that good as you might suspect, loves  reading about physics and remembering equations and learning new ones.

Daniel mostly loves his family  and hanging out with them to see a movie, eat Italian food, or simply staying at home watching H&H ( yeah really ) or some film on Netflix or cable streaming, preferably a nerd-type film, cartoon or show. He can easily be found watching cartoon network with his youngest son.

He is a fan of Rush, Priest, Maiden, Saxon, Queensryche, Cirith Ungol, Deep Purple, Savatage, Pantera, Meshuggah,  Fates Warning, Dream Theater,  Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Kansas, Tull, King Crimson, Camel, Canterbury prog, echolyn, Magellan, Allan Holdsworth, Joe Satriani  among many others.

His favorite writers  are Jack Vance, Gene Wolfe, Michael Moorcock, Tim Powers and Tolkien. His favorite books are Lord Of The rings, Book of the New Sun, Warlord of the Air, ( albeit its sheer leftism ), Planet of Adventure and Anubis Gates.

Favorite comic authors: Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman,  Jim Starlin, J.M, De Matteis,  Howard Chaykin, Kurt Busiek , Warren Ellis  and Will Eisner.

He is admittedly a Chris Nolan fan boy ( the prestige, interstellar and batman trilogy specially), but is also crazy for films like Blade Runner, Guardians of The Galaxy I and II ( may be annoying talking about them because it just mixes b side- now complete A side MAN!- marvel and 80s science fiction) and as Good As it Gets. 

Wait,  the arrival was insane too.

Is an Avid TV show watcher- he thanks Netflix these days - whose favorites are Fringe, Elementary, Farscape, X-files, True Detective, Firefly among others.

Yes, he loves Star Wars.

Thanks to my wife for the above "Yodazation"